In Spring of 2016 Valley Medcom marked its 23rd successful year in business and you can see our happy team below enjoying a night out in celebration! We are a home based Medical Billing Service Bureau located in Langley. Prior to our incorporation in 2010 we were known as Surrey Medcom. We are one of several Medcom offices in BC and we offer services to General Practitioners as well as all specialties and practitioners. We have a staff of thirteen who manage the day to day physician’s billing and the owner Cindy King takes responsibility for reviewing claims, remittances, overseeing corrections and rebilling and administrative functions. We use Intrahealth Profile software for our medical billing processing which is PITO approved and have a complement of 13 computers, an independent server with multiple back up redundancies, 9 copier / printers, 2 fax machines and 24 / 7 voice mail. We are proud to also be offering remote data entry and EMR accounts receivable management services to our growing list of clients, and we provide ongoing support to Intrahealth Profile software users around the province.

In the summer of 2014 Valley Medcom celebrated its 22nd year in business by taking the team rafting down the Thompson River and camping overnight in Lytton. The rapids were massive, the weather was perfect, the Hyack river guide was amazing and the Kumsheen accommodations were very comfortable. A fun time was had by everyone although not without some minor injuries. In retrospect, our future celebratory events will likely involve something less dangerous, maybe a spa day next time 🙂

Our Referral Credit Program:

The success of Valley Medcom can be credited to its loyal clients many of whom have been with our service since its inception. Through networking and client referrals, we continue to grow and expand our services. Medcom officially became the largest and most successful medical billing service bureau in British Columbia and for the first time in 24 years we will be expanding our client base to North of the Fraser River and servicing physicians working at Eagle Ridge and Ridge Meadows Hospitals.

We offer a referral credit to our clients who refer a colleague who joins our data center (dependent on volume). Be sure to mention their name or, if you are a new client, be sure to mention the name of the colleague who referred you to us so we can be sure to thank them properly!