What and Why?

A Service Bureau is a company or individual who is approved by Medical Services Plan, and authorized by you, to act as your Data Center for your medical claims processing. That allows them to submit claims on your behalf, pick up remittance and claim information, and to correspond and communicate with MSP and other insurers regarding the services you provide to patients and the payment of those services.

There are many reasons to choose a service bureau:

  • Lack of trained staff to handle the submission and accounts receivable processing
  • Inadequate time to manage the billings and follow up
  • No more software support fees, update glitches, hardware upgrades
  • No more dealing directly with public or private insurers
  • Cost savings: paper, toner, developer, labor, hardware and software support and updates
  • Peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional biller!

So why Valley Medcom?

  • Our office has been in business since 1993 and the Medcom franchise celebrated its 28th year in business in 2016!
  • We specialize in medical billing and can provide advice, training and on going support
  • Easy to read and fully reconciled and reviewed Submission and Remittance information
  • A full service Medical Billing Service Bureau: Complete follow up on refusals including researching for missing or incorrect patient information, claim correction and rebilling, billing to all insurers and collections follow up
  • Reliability, expertise in all aspects of billing and types of practices, and determined to ensure that you receive the maximum remuneration you are entitled to
  • We review your coding and are able to advise you if you are missing opportunities for payment and, due to our advanced software and the large volume of claims we manage, we are able to provide feedback and comparisons regarding your billing, which can help identify red flags that could result in an audit
  • We have many levels of back up in all service areas. You are not relying on a single biller who can get sick, take leave or quit and leave you with un-submitted claims or delays in payment, or a biller with one computer which can go down leaving them and you stranded. We use Infinitive Web tech support who has been committed to keeping us running at top speed with the latest and greatest in hardware for over 20 years and is very proactive whenever we have an issue or request, and prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients are not affected by any downtime.
  • In addition we are able to offer value added services such as staff and physician billing training, auditing and consulting and Intrahealth Software Support