Why you received an invoice:

There are many reasons why you may have received an invoice from one of our physicians. Please refer to the reason noted on the invoice you were sent. The most common reasons are:

  • At the time of service you did not provide your insurance information. Calling the hospital or doctor’s office after the fact does not resolve the problem at our end, you must contact us as directed.
  • At the time of service the information you provided was either incorrect or the hospital / office entered it incorrectly. Calling the hospital or doctor’s office will not resolve this problem; you must contact us as directed. The name and date of birth you provided at the time of service must match the name on your care card even if it is wrong. Using nick names will result in a claim refusal and may be the reason you received a bill.
  • If you have insurance in a province other than BC we need the health care number for the province that is responsible for the date the services were rendered. Please note that Quebec patients are not covered under the province’s reciprocal agreements and are personally responsible to the doctor for services received in provinces other than their own.
  • You may not have coverage for the date of service. If you feel there is an error in this regard you should contact Medical Services Plan and tell them you received a bill and what the date of service is. They will check your coverage. If they agree to reinstate and backdate your coverage we may be able to resubmit the bill. It is important that you contact us and keep us apprised of your efforts to obtain coverage as the window of opportunity for us to resubmit your claim is limited.
  • You may be covered under an alternate insurer. If you have medical coverage under the Interim Federal Health Program then we need a copy of your IFH documents. If you are an RCMP officer then we may need your regimental, Hermes and / or Blue Cross #, and if you were covered under the federal or provincial corrections system we need your CS# and the name of the institution. Patients with travel or alternate / private insurance are responsible for payment and, once your account is paid, a receipt will be provided for reimbursement purposes. If your claim is a work place injury you will need to provide valid WCB claim information.

How to pay your invoice:

We do not accept credit card payments. We do not accept payments in person. We do not bill insurance companies directly.

Payments are accepted by mail. Please send your check or money order made payable to the doctor noted at the top and bottom of your invoice.

If you are not a BC resident with a BC bank account, your bank can issue a Canadian Money Order or Draft or you can send the current currency equivalent to the physician (check the internet for conversion information) drawn on your own out of country bank account. If your country does not have a traditional banking system we can arrange for a Western Union transfer or etransfer. Please note we will not provide physician’s personal banking information under any circumstances.


Patients who provide valid provincial insurance information or acceptable alternate insurance information or for those who make payment promptly as noted on your invoice, you can deduct the $75.00 administration fee from your invoice. Failure to respond promptly may result in the physician assigning your account to a collection agency. This will adversely affect your credit rating and prevent you from obtaining any additional credit or refinancing existing loans and mortgages and, in some circumstances, failure to pay for medical services can result in you being unable to cross the border. Once a physician has assigned an account for collections you must deal directly with Credex Financial.

Please note that is mandatory, for patients seeking medical care in BC, to have valid insurance to cover services provided.